When a nonzero net force acts on an object the force
A.changes the motion of the object
B.Must be greater than the reaction force
C.Does not change the motion of the object equal to the weight of the object

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  1. Imagine a football stationary on the ground or even moving through the air.

    You then apply a nonzero force (i.e. you kick it)

    What happens?

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  2. B?

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  3. F = m a =change of momentum/change in time
    it accelerates, changes velocity

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  4. Is a nonzero net force an unbalanced force?

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  5. Afraid not, try again.

    You can't have a force greater than the reaction force as Newtons 3rd Law states that 'Every action has an equal and opposite reaction'.

    Imagine kicking a wall. If you kick it gently your foot doesn't feel much of a force back but if you kick it hard you will hurt your foot. The reaction force depends on the force you apply in the first place.

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  6. D?

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  7. edit: my reply before was to your reply of 'B'?

    A nonzero force just means a force. It means that 0N isn't allowed as that wont affect anything.

    It's not D either I'm afraid.
    Damon said the correct answer there.

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