Spanish 2

Complete the sentences with the appropriate indirect object pronouns and present tense verb forms.?
Modelo- (gustar) A mi ME GUSTAN las peliculas de accion.

1. (aburrir) A nosotros _____ los efectos especiales que no son muy realistas.

2. (encantar) A ti ____ las peliculas de amor, no?

3. (fascinar) A mi mama _______ leer lo que dicen los criticos sobre las peliculas.

4. (interesar) A mis hermanos ______ mucho el argumento de la pelicula.

5. (molestar) A Uds. ____ las peliculas con mucha violencia?

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  1. If you post what YOU think the answers are, someone will be glad to correct them and guide you from there.

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  2. Sorry didn't realize I didn't put my answers.


    Reasoning- to for an Ud. or Uds. command drop the o of the present tense yo form and add e and en for ar verbs and a and an for er and ir verbs

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  3. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. These are NOT commands. You need to look closely at the modelo. The verb gustar does not work like English. It is NOT the verb "to like" but the verb "to be pleasing to....." Therefore the model says "To me, action films (that is the subject) ARE pleasing." The 3rd person is used if the subject is singular and the 3rd person plural if the subject is plural.

    You may have the idea for aburrir BUT it is an -ir verb, not -er/ar. The verbs are:
    1. nos aburren
    2. te encantan
    3. le fascina (to read IT is fastinating to her)
    4. les interesa
    5. les molestan

    Note that the indirect object pronoun (me, te, le, nos, les) tells TO WHOM something is or somethings are.....


    P.S. Feel free to ask any question where you do not fully understand.

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  4. Les

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