Materials Science

Aluminum is a cubic crystal, with

S11=1.59×10−11 m2/N

S12=−0.58×10−11 m2/N

S44=3.52×10−11 m2/N

What are the Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio and shear modulus, corresponding to these values?

Young's modulus E (in GPa):

Poisson's ratio ν:

Shear modulus G (in GPa):

For a single crystal of aluminum, loaded uniaxially along the crystal axis with a stress of σ1=10MPa, what are all of the components of strain?

What is the total elastic strain energy, per unit volume, for the uniaxial stress of 10MPa?

Strain energy (in J/m3):

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  1. E = 62.89
    p.r = 0.365
    G = 24.81
    ex = 0.159*10^-3
    ey = -0.058*10^-3
    ez = -0.058*10^-3
    gammaxy,yz,zx = 0
    energy = 795

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  2. G=23.03

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  3. Shear modulus G (in GPa):???

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  4. G=28.41

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