in a classic study of problem solving, katona demonstrated that people whoa re required to figure out a problem on their own will learn more than people who are given the solution. One group of participants is presented with a series of problems that hey must figure out. second group sees the same problems but gets an explanation of the solutions. Later both groups are given a new set of similar problems and their problem-solving scores are as follows:

On their own

Given Solutions

ss stands for sum of squares

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  1. To find the significance of the difference between two means, we need to divide this difference by the standard error of the difference between means.

    To find the standard error of the difference between means, we need to know the standard deviation (SD) of both groups.

    To get the standard SD, you need both sum of squares (ΣX^2) and the sum of the scores squared ([ΣX]^2). You only give me one of these terms.

    We need more information — or the corect information.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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