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8.B and C

1.Who is most likely to study written records?




2.Which is a primary way an archaeologist would decide where a temple stood?

A.evaluating clues on clay tablets

B.reading about the remains of an ancient statue

C.digging in a small rise in the landscape

3.Who studies artifacts scientifically?




4.Which process is used by both a historian and an archaeologist in their work?

A.listens to people's oral histories

B.digs in ruins to find artifacts to study

C.uses hard evidence in their evaluations

5.Which question is most likely answered by a historian but not an archaeologist?

A.where a temple was built

B.why a temple was built

C.who built a temple

6.How did people in Mesopotamia live before city-states formed?

A.Their nomadic way of life prevented them from farming or settling in villages.

B.Most of them lived in urban areas and did a variety of jobs.

C.Almost all of them hunted animals and gathered berries and other wild foods.

D.Most of them lived in agricultural or pastoral groups.

7.What geographic factors led to the decline of Sumer?

Choose all answers that are correct.

A.It was located in a flat plain, and isolated from trade routes.

B.The Tigris and Euphrates rivers flooded every year, leaving behind dark, fertile soil.

C.The cultivated soil had poor drainage.

D.Grain fields of one city-state bordered those of another, which caused territorial wars.

8.Which geographic characteristics were factors in the decline of Sumer?

Choose all answers that are correct.

A.It was located far away from rivers.

B.It was located on the Persian Gulf.

C.It was located on a flat plain that made it vulnerable to attack.

D.Flat land with poor drainage led to salinization from irrigation waters.

9.What was the purpose of ziggurats in Sumer?

A.They were homes for wealthy Sumerians.

B.They were conduits for water transport.

C.They were monuments to previous kings.

D.They were temples for gods and goddesses.

10.Where was the most well-known ziggurat located in Sumer?





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  1. 2 -- could be all of these answers.
    4 -- No
    8 -- One of your answers is wrong.

    I agree with the rest of your answers.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I agree with you on pretty much all of them except question:4

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  3. I got the same questions soooo idk

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  4. [kio'oko'o[ppp

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  5. All of them right i took assesment. Some are wrong though

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  6. YASSSSSS!!!!!

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  7. 4 is c everything else good tho

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  8. I need help fast i dont gey it

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