1 more chem check.

Alright, here is my question:

22. References list the Ka value of hydrosulphuric acid, H 2S(aq) , as
1.1 x 10^–7 at 25°C. Assume a solution is prepared by dissolving 1.00 g of H2S(g) to make 1.00 L of acidic solution. What percentage of this solution will ionize?

And I don't know how to find the percent which would ionize, but I have figured out this information:
Concentration is equal to 0.029334mol/L
[H+] is equal to 5.68x10^-5

Can you help me on this question, thanks!

I concur with 0.0293 M H2S as well as (H^+)=5.68 x 10^-5 M.
So %ionized = [(amt ionized)/0.0293]x100 = (5.68 x 10^-5/0.0293)x 100 = ??
I prefer to call 1.1 x 10^-7 k1 and not Ka. I hope this helps. %ionization is nothing more than the fractional part of the initial amount that ended up as ions (then converted to percent by multiplying by 100).

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asked by Jacy

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