I would love some input on a few problems, listed below. My answers follow the questions

1. Would it be feasable to store a solution of lead nitrate in a container of metallic zinc? Why or why not?

No, it would not. A chemical reaction takes place, as the lead oxidizes the zinc.

2. Would it be feasable to store a solution of lead sulfate in a container of metallic silver? Why or why not?
no idea.

3. Would you expect jewelry made of an alloy of silver or copper to tarnish (react) in an environment where chlorine fumes were present?

Yes, because it is a strong oxidizing agent.

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  1. You need to look up the activity series in your text. Here is a web site for it.

    1. Correct. Zn will go into solution and lead (II) ion will come out; basically, the container will dissolve.
    2. Look at the activity series. A metal will displace an ion below it. Notice in problem 1 that Zn is above Pb. In this one, Ag is below Pb.
    3. Your answer is correct BUT you didn't expand on your answer; some profs might think you were trying to guess your way through the question. You might want to write the equation for the reaction between Ag and Cl2 and Cu and Cl2.

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  2. 1. Since Zn is higher on the activity series than lead, the reaction would be:
    Zn(s) + Pb(NO3)2(aq) ---> ZnCl2(aq) + Pb(s)
    The zinc container would dissolve displacing Pb from the solution. Not a good choice of container.
    2. Ag(s) + PbSO4(aq) ---> No reaction
    (Ag is lower on the activity series than Pb so it will not displace it.)
    3. The answer depends on how differently the alloy behaves than the pure metal. Pure copper does react vigorously with Cl2 gas to form CuCl2. A copper alloy might not react as vigorously or may not react at all.
    I would not expect silver metal to react with chlorine fumes, especially when alloyed. Some reaction may occur at the surface may occur but I would not expect it to continue rapidly enough for significant tarnishing.
    Most tarnishing reactions involve a metal sulfide forming at the surface which is dark and quite visible.

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  3. thank you guys so much!!!!!

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