A farmer raises chickens and goats. She knows she has 22 animals all together. All together her animal has 56 feet. how many of each type of animal does she have?

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  1. Okay, the chickens have 2 feet and the goats have 4. So let’s make the number of chicks C and the number of goats G.
    So the number of legs would be 2 x C + 4 x G which is equal to the total number of feet, or 56

    2C + 4G = 56
    And, we know she has 22 altogether, right? So C + G = 22
    Now, you have 2 equations and can solve.
    2C + 4G = 56
    Or 2 [22-G] + 4G = 56
    So, the number of goats is 6, and that means the number of chicks has to be 16.

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