A military helicopter on a training mission is flying horizontally at a speed of 75.0m/s when it accidentally drops a bomb (fortunately, not armed) at an elevation of 310m . You can ignore air resistance.

a:How much time is required for the bomb to reach the earth?
b:How far does it travel horizontally while falling?
c:Find the horizontal component of the bomb's velocity just before it strikes the earth.
d:Find the vertical component of the bomb's velocity just before it strikes the earth.
e:If the velocity of the helicopter remains constant, where is the helicopter when the bomb hits the ground?

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  1. a. h = 0.5g*t^2 = 310 m.
    4.9t^2 = 310
    t^2 = 63.27
    Tf = 7.95 s. = Fall time.


    c. X = Xo = 75 m/s. Remains constant.

    d. Y=Yo + g*Tf = 0 + 9.8*7.95=77.95 m/s

    e. Dx = Xo*Tf = 75m/s * 7.95s. = 596 m.
    Fom drop-off point.

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