Math - 7th grade

How many times as heavy is the Golden Eagle of 13 9/10 llb as the Red-Tailed Hawk of 3 1/2?

I never know if I have to divide or multiply. How can I tell with this problem?

I have 139/10 / 7/2 then 139/10 x 2/7 = 278/70 if I divide that it will give me 3.9714 how do I get my fraction back. 3 971/1000 is that the answer?

It is like this one as well?
How many times as heavy is the Golden Eagle of 13 9/10 as the Northern Bald Eagle of 9 9/10?

I have 139/10 / 99/10, with cross reduce it equals, 139/99 if I divide those it gives me 1.4040.

Am I any where near the correct answer?

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  1. Let's change these numbers to decimals -- makes it much easier.

    13.9 / 3.5 = = 3.97

    The eagle is almost 4 times as heavy as the hawk.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. So the first one is 4 llbs and the second one is 4llbs?

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  3. It's not 4 lbs. Please read my answer.

    I'll let you do the bald eagle question.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. 3.9

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  5. Hello people in 2020

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  6. hola

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