The formula F=9/5C+32 changes a temperature reading from the Celcius scale C to the Fahrenheit scale F. What is the temperature measured in degrees Fahrenheit when the Celsius temperature is -5°?

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  1. F = 9/5C + 32 - This is the equation to be used.

    -5 - is the Celsius temperature, so you plug that into the equation as C. This now becomes:

    F = 9/5(-5) + 32

    The next step is to multiply 9/5 and -5. In order to do this, you first convert the fraction into the decimal of 1.8. Next, you multiply 1.8 by -5. Here's 1.8 times -5 in equation form with the answer from the multiplication:

    1.8 x -5 = -9

    Then, you plug -9 into the equation and add to get your final answer.

    F = (-9) + 32

    F = 23

    So, 23 is the temperature in Fahrenheit, and this is the final answer to this problem. I hope this helps! :)

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  2. F=9/5C+32
    What is celcius

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