If a bowling ball were moved from Earth to the moon, how would it's weight and mass change?
A. The bowling ball would weigh the same, but it's mass would increase.
B. The bowling ball would weigh the same, but it's mass would decrease.
C. The bowling ball would weigh less on the moon, but it's mass would stay the same.
D. The bowling ball would weigh more on the moon, but it's mass would stay the same.
Is the answer D?

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  1. Do not agree. If humans weigh less on the moon, wouldn't that also apply to bowling balls?

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  2. its C i did it and got that one correct

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  3. Humans don't weigh less, it's their mass

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  4. C cause mass always stays the same no matter what and everything is lighter in space

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  5. I know the answer is C. No matter where you go the moon, Mars, Mercury your weight may change but your mass is always, always, always the same.

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  6. I thought it was A.... what yall talkin ab?

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  7. Its C. The bowling ball would weigh less on the moon, but its mass would stay the same.

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  8. So whats the answer

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