An oven is a technological system. Which of the following describes an input into this system?
A. Setting the temperature
B. Burning gas releases heat.
C. A thermostat monitors the temperature and increases the gas flow when the temperature falls too low.
D. A cake is baked
Is the answer B?

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asked by Daisy
  1. No, how does the oven gauge what level of heat to release?

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    posted by PsyDAG
  2. I

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  3. The answers are

    5/5 100%

    I just took the test

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  4. Starbucks Is Right! I got 100%

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    posted by Sid.V
  5. Starbucks is right

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  6. Starbucks is correct

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    posted by quizzy
  7. aye bro starbucks u the plug he 100% corrext

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    posted by dex

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