Urgent: Spanish, Check Answers Please

6)Claudia y María ____________________ de México.
Choices: Somos, Eres, Son, Es
The answer is NOT Son or Somos
My Answer: Es

9) Nosotros ____________________ mexicanos.
Choices: Soy, Eres, es, Somos, Son
The answer is NOT SOn, Soy, Somos
My Answer: Eres

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asked by Katt
  1. I'll send this to our Spanish expert, SraJMcGin.

  2. 6. Your answer is incorrect and here is why. The subject is plural = Claudia y María = Ellas, or 3rd person plural. The verb must also be 3rd person plural. Here are the forms of ser:
    lst person singular = soy (yo)
    2nd person singular = eres (tú)
    3rd person singular = es (él/ella/usted)

    lst person plural = somos (nosotros/-as)
    2nd person plural = sois (vosotros/-as)
    3rd person plural = SON (ellos/ellas/ustedes)

    Your answer must be SON.

    I'll flag this and come back later to see if you have any questions.


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  3. I appreciate it, that explains it A LOT clearer than my Instructor, thank you Sra.

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    posted by Katt
  4. "de nada" = You are entirely welcome!

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