A media company divides 1 million copies of a new music CD into 100 equal groups before sipping the CD to 100 stores .how many CDs is the company shippi ng to each store?
Please help me , i don't know the answer.

Write the value of the underlined digit.
76,982 the value 9 ( 900)

66,424 the value 6 (second six ) 6000

The value 3 ( second 3 ) 30

The Q(1) i don't know answer.
The Q(2) the answer true or false

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asked by Nnn
  1. what is 1000000/100? It's 10,000
    So, 10,000 CDs to each of 100 stores makes 1,000,000.

    The 2nd 3 is just 3

    The others are true

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    posted by Steve
  2. Compute Darryl's total social security and Medicare taxes for the third quarter, if she is self-employed and earns $1020.00 on a weekly basis.

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