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In what stage of development is Michael and what factors about this stage might be impacting his perspective of this situation?

Michael is at the middle adulthood stage where he needs to establish or take care of things

that will outlast him. The factor about this stage that might be impacting his perspective of this

situation will be stability. At this time, Michael feels very unstable because of his divorce and

does not know exactly where he stands on a professional level. During this stage Michael will

need any possible help that he could get to stabilize his life and achieve success. Nothing is

easy in life, at times he would be experiencing conflict that could serve him as a turning

point in development. As a result, potential for personal growth is high, so is potential for

failure. Also, in this stage, Michael will have to continue building his life, get the necessary help

and focus on the future. Therefore, he will look forward to better things and have a general

sense of satisfaction.

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  1. Great, Rose! :-)

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Thanks a lot Ms. Sue.

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