how many grams of calcium oxide are needed to produce 36.0 g of Hg.

4HgS +4CaO--> 4Hg +3CaS + CaSO4.

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  1. 1 mole of CaO = 40.08 + 16.00 = 56.08g/mol
    1 mol Hg = 200.6 g/mol

    (a) Convert 36.0 gHg to moles:
    (36.0gHg)/200.6gHg/molHg = 0.1795 mol Hg

    (b) It takes 4 mol CaO to produce 4 moles Hg, so....
    (0.1795 mol Hg)(4 mol CaO / 4 mol Hg) = 0.1795 mol CaO

    (c) Convert 0.1795 mol CaO to grams of CaO by multiplying the moles of CaO by 56.08g CaO/mol CaO to get grams of CaO.

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