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If katie paid tasha $0.01 on the first day of a 31 day month and doubled the amount everyday throught the month, how much money would Tashe receive from kate on the last dayb of the month

Use formula 2N-1 (0.01)(whhere n equals number of days)

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asked by odyssey
  1. can you explain the reason major league baseball chooses to round to the nearst thousandth rather than nearst hundredth or tenth ? which gives the most accurate results? why?

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  2. day 1 -- 1 cent = 2^0
    day 2 -- 2 cents = 2^1
    day 3 -- 2^2 or 4 cents
    day 30 = 2^29
    day 31 = 2^30 = 1,073,741,824 cents
    = $ 10,737,418.24

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    posted by Reiny
  3. it has something to do with the wpa . in baseball u have to google the question

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    posted by odyssey

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