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Check my answers please? I know this is long but this is what it says in my book and I have to answer questions related to it. I posted a few questions to start off but there is more. Thanks!

June 23, 1972
Speakers: President Nixon, H.R. Haldeman, Chief of Staff

Haldeman: Now, on to the investigation, you know the Democratic breaking thing. We're back in the problem area because the FBI is not under control, because (acting FBI director L. Patrick) Gray doesn't exactly know how to control it and, their investigation is now leading into some productive areas because they've been able to trace the money (that was found on the Watergate burglars) (John) Mitchell's recommendation (is) that the way to handle this now is for us to have (deputy CIA director Vernon) Walters call Pat Gray and just say, "Stay out of this - this is ah, business here we don't want you to go any further on it." That's not an unusual development, and ah, that would take care of it.
Nixon: What about Pat Gray - you mean Pat Gray doesn't want to?
Haldeman: Pat does want to. He doesn't know how to, and he doesn't have any basis for doing it. Given (Walters's call), he will then have the basis.
Nixon: Yeah
Haldeman: (Gray will) say, "We've got this signal from across the river (the CIA) to put a hold on this." And that will fit rather well because the FBI agents who are working the case, at this point, feel that's what is is.
Nixon: They've traced the money? Who'd they trace it to? (Haldeman describes various people who contributed to the Committee to Reelect the President, and Nixon wonders if these people will say that the burglars, not the committee, asked them for the money.)
Haldeman: Well, if they will. But then we're relying on more and more people all the time. That's the problem, and they'll stop if we could take this other routs.
Nixon: All right.
Haldeman: And you seem to think the thing to do is get (the FBI) to stop?
Nixon: Right, fine.

1. Who are the speakers on the tape?
Nixon & Haldeman
2. Who else is mentioned in it?
Pat Gray and John Mitchell and Vernon
3. When did the conversation take place?
June 23, 1972
4. Where?
help idk ??
5. What is the major topic?
the Watergate scandal

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  1. oh 4. is in the oval office.

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  2. 4.

    Your answers are correct.

  3. Right.

  4. ok theres 5 more questions but they're harder.
    1. Why is Haldeman concerned about the FBI?
    Because they can trace the money.

    2. What recommendation does he put forward about using the CIA to end the investigation?
    He wants Deputy CIA director Vernon Walters to call Pat Gray and tell him to stay out of it.
    3. How does President Nixon respond to the recommendation?
    He thinks Pat Gray will not do it.
    4. What can you infer about the extent of the powers that Nixon believed he had over the FBI and CIA operations?
    not sure.
    5. What can you infer about Nixon's sense of priorities at the time the recording was made?
    He seemed like he didn't really want to get involved because his answers were short. He just made everyone else do the work to cover stuff up.

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  5. 4. I think Nixon believed he had control over these operations.

    I agree with your answers.

  6. Thank you for checking over my answers!

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  7. You're very welcome.

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