Write a formula to express the following sentence as an equation: The sale price us 25% off the original price. Use S for sale price and P for original price to express S as a function of P.

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  1. S = P(1 - 0.25)

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  2. S= 1p-0.25p
    S= .75p

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  3. Diegos class planning a field tripfor 25 students.They will go to aquarioum and then to science museum. Each ticket for science cost $2 more than each ticket to aquarium. Lunch for each student is $5 additional.
    Write and expression for total cost of trio.Describle the meaning of the variable used.My answer

    x(25+)+(27+5) or 25x+31x=y

    x=total cost of trip

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  4. A group of students volunteers at the animal it helping feeds the dogs. Each day small dogs eat 1/2 cup less dog food than medium sized dogs and large dogs eat 3/4 cup more dog food than the medium sized dogs. The shelter currently has 22 small dogs, 14 medium sides dogs and 8 large dogs.
    Write and expression for the total amount of dog food the dogs eat each day, explaining what your variabl represents and what each term in your ecpression represents.

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