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A study sought to determine whether the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture could help infertile women become pregnant. 160 healthy women undergoing treatment for infertility were recruited for the study. Half of the subjects were randomly assigned to receive acupuncture treatment 25 minutes before embryo transfer and again 25 minutes after the transfer. The remaining 80 subjects were instructed to lie still for 25 minutes after the embryo transfer. Results: In the acupuncture group, 34 women became pregnant. In the control group, 21 women became pregnant.

a. Describe how the three principles of experimental design were addressed in this study
b. The difference in the percent of women who became pregnant in the two groups is statistically significant. Explain what this means to someone who know little statistics.
c. Explain why the placebo effect prevents us from concluding that acupuncture caused the difference in pregnancy rates.

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  1. For a, I have lie still after embryo transfer for control and acupuncture for randomization. I'm not sure what to put for replicate but i think it's the same as the control...?

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