1. Which of the following sources is least likely to have been edited for accuracy? (1 point)
a city newspaper
a personal Web site
an encyclopedia article
a published book
2. Which of the following is NOT true about bias? (1 point)
Using both biased and non-biased resources in research will create bias results.
Bias can be identified by the facts that the Web site includes as well as the facts that are excluded.
In a biased Web site it is often hard to distinguish fact from opinion and advertisements.
Knowing the background of the author or organization helps readers to identify bias and conflicts of
3. What information should you evaluate to determine the reliability of a Web site? (1 point)
when the Web site was last updated
the background of the author or sponsors
any bias in the language used on the Web site
all of the above

check please

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asked by kate
  1. I agree with your answers.

  2. Or -- is # 2 possibly A? Check your book.

  3. ok thank you

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    posted by kate
  4. You're welcome.

  5. the answer for 2 is A
    1. B
    2. A
    3. D

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    posted by Fox
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    posted by Jainty
  7. #2 is A
    Just took this...

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    posted by malloru
  8. All these answers are wrong lol

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  9. 1is B 2 is C 3. Is D 4. Is A 5. Is C

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    posted by Big boy
  10. Big boy is a 100% right i swear this answer are correct i got a five out of five if your own Lesson 2: Using Graphic Organizers
    Educational Technology and Online Learning 6 Unit 5: Study Skills


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  11. 1) C

    2) C

    3) B

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  12. she is correct unit 4 lesson 5^^^^^^^

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    posted by non ya
  13. do you mean graphic organizers unit 5 lesson 2? because that's the title for that lesson

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