Advantages and disadvantages that ethnic neighborhoods offered to their residents?
I previously did an essay of advantages and disadvantages of immigration to the U.S. and when I search online I am getting the same answers. So I am scared I answered one of them wrong. I keep getting disadvantages are overcrowding, spreading of diseases, advantages are cultural diversity, learning new cultures, etc.

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asked by Jenny
  1. cultural diversity and learning new cultures would not particularly be an advantage of an ethnic neighborhood. A family that moved into a mixed neighborhood would probably learn the new language and traditions faster.
    I would say advantages include mutual support both in living (familiar foods and languages for example) and in economics (family or neighborhood funding and staffing of businesses for example)

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    posted by Damon
  2. For immigration I put cultural diversity and learning new cultures as an advantage.
    I just meant like some of my answers seem the same like for both ethnic neighborhoods and immigration for a disadvantage I put overcrowding. Do you think its bad I used the same answer for both?

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    posted by Jenny
  3. Did you really read Damon's answer? He pointed out different advantages in living in a neighborhood made up of others from the immigrant's culture. Another advantage was the proximity of a common house of worship.

  4. An ethnic neighborhood is where immigrants all of the same culture reside right?

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    posted by Jenny
  5. I do not see a problem in using the same things as answers an earlier question. You have me pretty confused though about what you think are advantages and disadvantages of ethnic neighborhoods. What do you think are advantages and what do you think are drawbacks?

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    posted by Damon
  6. Yes -- an ethnic neighborhood is one in which most residents have the same culture.

    Think about Greek Town, Little Italy, and China Town. Today, Dearborn, Michigan, has 40,000 residents with Arabic backgrounds.

  7. Sorry for the confusion. For ethnic neighborhoods I have advantages: it helps to preserve and share the culture and it keeps families close.
    Disadvantages: overcrowding, spreading of diseases, and they may not socialize with groups outside their ethnicity.

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    posted by Jenny
  8. Not all ethnic neighborhoods are overcrowded and diseased.

    Other disadvantages to an ethnic neighborhood are that the residents take longer to learn the new language and assimilate into the dominant culture. Some, especially the older people, never assimilate.

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