college algebra

A store sells cashews for $5.00 per pound and peanuts for $1.50 per pound. The manager decides to mix 30 pounds of peanuts with some cashews and sell the mixture for $3.00 per pound. How many pounds of cashews should be mixed with the peanuts so that the mixture will produce the same revenue as would selling the nuts separately?

you must solve this with linear equations.

i found


i got an answer of 12.86 pounds of cashews.
can anyone check if this is correct thanks

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  1. looks good to me.

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  3. test

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  4. If a pound of coffee cost eight dollars how many ounces can be bought for $2.25

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  5. Is the following statement true or false? Justify your answer using what you know about diameters and chords.

    Every diameter of a circle is a chord.

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