agriculture,maths literacy,life science,geography

which career im going to enter in with?

asked by songeziwe
  1. Whichever interests you the most! :)

    posted by Sheenybeany
  2. This interest inventory may help you decide.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  3. Agriculture,geography,lifescince,maths literacy

    posted by Dineo
  4. Same to me i have the same prblm.anyone help us

    posted by Amu
  5. U can work as a tourism operator

    posted by Francina shongoane
  6. i wnt some one who will help to find the job that match with my subject

    posted by netshiombo ndonanga phodzo
  7. What job could I get

    posted by meena
  8. i want someone can help me to find a job according to my subject

    posted by aneani prudence
  9. Which career path i can follow if my subject are:life sciences,agriculteral science,maths literacy,tourism

    posted by Solomzi kokose
  10. What kind of career choice can I choose when after passed this subject

    posted by matimba
  11. U can as enviromental educator,diplomat,GIS specialist,geographer

    posted by Phaleni Vokosi
  12. Human resource

    posted by Felicia
  13. agricultural

    posted by Anonymous

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