Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

Which approach to foreign policy involves sending ambassadors to other countries?





Question 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

Which of the following is true about foreign and domestic affairs?

They are completely separate types of policy issues that do not affect one another.

Leaders must consider how one type of policy may affect the other since they relate.

The president and Senate are the only groups making decisions on these policy issues.

Officials are separated by which type of policy they work on and ignore the other type.

Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

Which goal of foreign policy relates to protecting the safety of Americans?

Spreading democracy

World peace

National security

Humanitarian help

Question 4 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

Which foreign policy approach describes a country that avoids interaction with other countries?





Question 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

Foreign policy is the

programs created to help immigrants in the United States

set of actions a country takes in relation to other countries

decisions of Congress that guide the future of the country

laws written by the president that affects the United States

Question 6 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

Which of the following issues relates most to foreign policy?

Health care




Question 7 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

Select the response that correctly labels the type of policy. A war between two U.S. allies is a matter of

department policy

foreign policy

critical policy

domestic policy

Question 8 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

The executive department with the most important role in foreign policy is the



House of Representatives

U.S. Department of State

Question 9 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

Which of the following makes a true statement about U.S. foreign policy?

It is the secretary of state who makes all the important decisions related to foreign policy.

One of its goals is to encourage other countries to make their governments more democratic.

Congress believes foreign policy is more important than domestic policy and works on it first.

The president usually tries to maintain isolation by sending ambassadors to other countries.

Question 10 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

Which of the following is true about new foreign treaties?

They prevent the formation of alliances with other countries.

They do not have an effect on the domestic policies of a country.

People could be worried whether they will affect their jobs and businesses.

People do not care about them or whether lawmakers will approve the agreements.

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