maths lit, geography, life science, history, life orientation, english, tswana

what can I do with my life with all this subjects that I studied?.

asked by Ernest Mmutlana
  1. quite a variety of things. The question is, what to you enjoy doing? Train yourself in that, now that you have some basic knowledge and study skills.

    posted by Steve
  2. Me i am doing maths and physics,life science,geography and i am not doing well with maths so what careers linked to those three subjects im raymond morowane in grade 11

    posted by Raymond morowane
  3. i think you can be a teacher,police,social worker e.t.c

    posted by songeziwe
  4. what kind of work can i get through those subjects?

    posted by nkateko
  5. biomedical

    posted by thama moraba
  6. Pilot

    posted by Vele
  7. Pure maths is the answer and many jobs they need people that do qualify for pure maths more than 80% of peopke that are doing maths literacy you think are you going to find jobs when you are done with your sturdies {think about that} and there is less payment but pure maths jobs they are many and you can get up to 100 thousand a month decide:-)

    posted by Emmanuel langa
  8. You can be a petrolatm engineer👍

    posted by Alisho
  9. in this subject what career am I supposed to do

    posted by mokwena Bella
  10. I can do social worker with those subject?? And what levels do i need ??

    posted by kelebogile
  11. you can be a doctor

    posted by Anonymous

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