how to write in the conclusion at the end of the medicinal plants project?please give me an examples with details.It's very urgent.

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  1. How can we write a conclusion without knowing what was in the project?

    Please post a writeup of your project, and I'll help you write a conclusion.

  2. The contents of the project are basak,tulsi,aloevera etc plants.These are made by using web design.But I am confuse what will be write in the conclusion.Please help me.

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    posted by sangita
  3. A conclusion is a summary of the project and what you found.

  4. please write the conclusion.

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    posted by sangita
  5. My coclusion is that you didn't do this project.

  6. I am confuse and that's why I want your help with an example.please don't mind but I know about the meaning of conclusion.but I don't understand what types of sentence use for the conclusion of the project.

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    posted by sangita
  7. No one here will write your conclusion for you, as Ms. Sue had said.

    Read this carefully and follow directions.

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  8. Thank you very much.I did not understood what was Ms.Sue wanted to say? plz I am very sorry.

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    posted by sangita
  9. since time immemorial,a number of plants have been used by man as for curing disease or to give relief from physical sufferings primitive people new about the medicinal plants through trial an error the plants which have got the medicinal value are called medicinal plants.

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