Consider a 9% by mass aqueous ethyl alcohol solution.

a.) Calculate the molality of this solution_____m

b.) Given that ethyl alcohol is a molecular solute, calculate the freezing point of this solution. ________ degrees Celsius.

c.) Consider the boiling point of each solution. which one would raise the boiling temperature? _________ lower the boiling temperature? _________ explain.

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asked by amber
  1. a 9% by mass means 9g ethanol in 100 g solution or 9g ethanol/(9g ethanol + 91g H2O). m = mols/kg solvent
    convert 9g ethanol to mols. mol = grams/molar mass. Then m = mols/0.091 = ?

    delta T = Kf*m

    You don't have but one solution here; what are you comparing?

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