pls.. help me with this i really need it.. pls.
A gas in a cylinder expands from a volume of 0.110 m3 to 0.320 m3. Heat flows into the gas just rapidly enough to keep the pressure constant at 1.65 x 105 Pa during the expansion. The total heat added is 1.15 x 105 J. (a) Find the work done by the gas. (b) Find the change in internal energy of the gas. (c) Does it matter whether the gas is ideal? Why or why not?

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  1. tryru

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  2. (A):
    W = √( p ∆V)
    For a constant pressure process, you can factor it out and get
    W = p ∙ √ ∆V
    = p ∙ (V_final - V_initial)
    w = 1.65 x 10^5 (.320-.110)
    W= 34650
    (B): U = Q + W
    (C): no

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