Shakespeare, English

Hi i need to write about 5 paragraphs about: Compare different ways that Shakespeare describes dreams in the three extracts (Puck's final speech, Clarence's Dream & Caliban's Dream) using PEE

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asked by Mohd
  1. Make three different lists -- one for each of the extracts. Note the different ways Shakespeare described dreams. Those will be the main points of your essay.

    This site should also help you.

  2. The thing is am stuck i can't right or think of anything to write

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    posted by Mohd
  3. Go back and read those extracts again -- and again -- if necessary. Note how Shakespeare describes the dreams.


    If you're having trouble reading Shakespeare's English, find each play here. Then read the parts you need (Act and scene), using the RIGHT-HAND column for modernized English.

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  5. I cant think of anything that I can write about

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    posted by Mohd
  6. I wrote 4 paragraphs if anyone give me 2 more paragraphs i will be really thankful

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    posted by Mohd

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