Q1.Write the names of the two methods you use to find the HCF and LCM.
Q2.Write formula to show the relation between HCF and LCM.

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  1. Q1.
    HCF and LCM could be found using
    1. factoring
    2. Euclidean algorithm

    Let H(p,q) denote the HCF of positive integers p,q, and L(p,q) denote the LCM of p,q, then


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  2. Ans.1-)
    Two methods for finding the LCM and HCF are-:
    1·prime factorization method
    2.long division method

    The formula that relates the HCF And LCM is-:
    HCF × LCM=1st no.× 2nd no.

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    posted by nitya

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