remove the irrationality in the denominator
(i) 1/1+√2+√3

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asked by tanvir
  1. 1/(1+√2+√3) * 1/(1-(√2+√3))/(1-(√2+√3))
    = (1-√2-√3)/(1 - (√2+√3)^2)
    = (1-√2-√3)/(-4-2√6)
    = (1-√2-√3)/(-2(2+√6))
    = (1-√2-√3)/(-2(2+√6)) * (2-√6)/(2-√6)
    = (1-√2-√3)(2-√6)/-2 * 1/(4-6)
    = (2+√2-√6)/4

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    posted by Steve
  2. Right

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  3. Right

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    posted by HRITIK
  4. Good

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    posted by Hrishi
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    posted by Hrishi

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