aside from any grammar or spelling mistakes how is this essay!

Can the perfect ideal of loyalty ever be achieved? With no guidelines how can you match a book definition of loyalty. Loyalty is essential in human life, but what is it. The dictionary will describe loyalty as giving or showing consent to a person or institute. Most commonly we think of loyalty as standing by what you believe in. However, my understanding of loyalty goes deeper than either of these common definitions.

Going off the ordinary dictionary definition, you will observe that loyalty as broad, and leaves room for interpretation. As observed in the definition you are giving “consent” to an idea or person. The word consent means permission, in which I would translate to, you allow something to happen, but you can have it as a miniscule event of your life. The common dictionary definition of loyalty is permission for an activity you believe in to happen. The average person takes this slightly deeper.

The average person might have their definition of loyalty be, standing with what you believe in, which to me goes a little deeper than giving something “permission” to happen. Why this definition is deeper is because you actually will stand beside your belief and fight for it. Although this definition is still broad it shows a deeper sense of connection of what you believe in. This statement, although deeper, was still to open ended to help discover what loyalty was.

My definition of loyalty is giving your heart and soul to what you believe in and staying with it through thick and thin. This definition says that I will give you/it my all and even if things aren’t looking so great I will still be right there. Unlike the other definitions, this shows a sense of confirmation in the fact of faithfulness. Giving your heart and soul is giving everything you are. You can give your body but is it really loyalty without the intention.

From a written in stone dictionary definition to a definition full of heart and soul, everyone will view loyalty differently. One will see loyalty as permitting something to happen, while the other views it as staying with an idea forever. With the initial question being “Can the perfect ideal of loyalty ever be achieved,” The answer is no, because there is no perfect ideal to follow in the first place.

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