What type of conclusion do you plan to write for your research paper? Why?
For my conclusion, I plan to write my research paper on a compilation of all the specific topics discussed in my introduction. I would summarize the information I want to relate to my audience and identify the key components identified so my readers will understand my topic of discussion and the message I am conveying.

How does the conclusion effectively summarize your paper?
I consider the conclusion like the final meat of the paper. It provides the final touches to the reader of a brief synopsis of the topics discussed and to convey that it is finished. It summarizes the paper by providing the supported facts to the thesis and hopefully provides the reader knowledge of the topic and perhaps give credence and/or change the point of view initially read in the introduction of the paper to the argument I want to relay in my research.

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  1. Your answers are very vague and redundant. Are you supposed to write such air-y responses?

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