How would you prepare pure dry crystals of pottasium trioxonitrate (v) ?.

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  1. Do we start from scratch or do we have KNO3 to begin with?
    To start from scratch, take 25 mL 1M HNO3 and add to 25 mL 1M KOH. Evaporate to near dryness, place in a drying oven and leave until dry. Pure dry KNO3 is the result.

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    posted by DrBob222
  2. But is dat all @DR BOB

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    posted by Divine
  3. thanks doc

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    posted by senzio
  4. Put the KNO3 in a test tube. Then apply heat. The water evaporates and condenses at the mouth of the test tube ,giving a pure dry crystal of the KNO3.

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