Me and my friend are doing a wake and shake... ( it's a dance routine just are teachers call it that.) for our 'take away homework' at homework hut... We are really stuck for popular music I have a couple , but I'm not to sure if my friend agrees on them:

Katy Perry Hot 'n' cold or Roar
Christina Aguilera and a great big world Say something( this song breaks my heart)
Ellie Goulding Burn
Will.I.Am ft Eva Simons This is love
Clean Bandit Rather be

Note no 1D we hate them ( no offence please)
I think this are good and I have a good choice in music, so I will thank everyone for the great suggestions! :)

asked by Emz
  1. I think your ideas are great,but you need to decide together. Why don't you talk to them and negotiate the correct song to fit with you. Find a time at school, after school, at a dance studio or all of them. It is great to practice and practice does make perfection. If this is for school you have to pick the appropriate mood of a song. You don't want rude or offensive songs. All the songs you've listed are great and any of them, I'm sure, would make a good 'wake and shake'. Try counting the beats of the song. It helps with the rhythm of the moves you choose. Now, whether your a hip hop person, ballet or gymnast there's a right song for you. I know all girls like to make it as complex as possible, but using a few simple elements really perfects it. As I know boys do enjoy dancing but at the age of nine to eleven they don't join in. Girls.. Well they MUST make there's the BEST is what they always think.

    Dance can be great fun you just need to know the elements and what works well together. So, in a nutshell here are the simple steps;

    Negotiate a song that everyone likes and knows of.

    Find a time that everyone can meet up and practice.

    Count the beats and move to the melody.

    Try simple moves everyone can do.

    Add complex moves to back the dance up.

    Make everyone involved and don't have a main leader unless you need/ want one and it's okay with everyone else.

    Use different techniques and different walkings into different moves.

    Be as creative as possible.

    When you think you've done all this record yourselves and watch it.

    Think of ideas to improve it.

    Practice, practice, practice!!!!!

    When you think it's all done and dusted improve, polish it and perfect it. Find your areas of weakness and practice.

    Show family or friends it.

    Get ready to present to your teachers/class by getting good costumes (if allowed) and comfy shoes to wear.


    Stretch first. Cool down and warm up. We don't want an injury!

    If you go wrong don't make a big fuss, be mature and professional and cover up quickly like you meant it!

    Hope this helps!

    posted by Dan
  2. Right well I'm fairly new to this website and thanks for the feedback Dan. We have settled on Radioactive I think we've settled. I have come up with the intro routine and thanks to everyone posting and this great website I am doing radioactive. Please please post on my other question 'Doing a dance routine to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, but need advice and feedback to improve it.' Thanks guys :)

    posted by Emz

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