Before those “Do you own work!” comments come… Let me make it clear that I am NOT asking you to answer this. I am simply asking for some guidance on how to do this essay. Some ideas and information I could use to write in my essay would be dandy.

Below is what I am writing about. THANK YOU!

--Throughout the semester, you studied literature from the 1920s through the 1980s and followed a pattern of change in American society. Based on the stories and authors studied, write a short essay about how the literature of America changed from the 1920s and 1930s to the 1950s and 1960s. These pieces of literature provide insights into American history. In your essay, be sure to include a brief summary of the American history shown through this literature. Be sure to include an analysis of theme, style, and tone.--

Here is a list of books I have read throughout the semester:
- Harrison Bergeron
- Babylon Revisited
- Where have you gone, Charming Billy?
- Mortals
- The Great Gatsby
- About Russell
- I want to be Miss America
- The struggle to be an all American Girl
- Sure ask me a personal question
- Why, you reckon

asked by Margarita
  1. I'd start with five different colors of paper or note cards. Label each color with a different decade.

    For each decade, list the titles and authors, a few notes on each, and major historical events.

    That should help you organize your thoughts.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Thank you for explaining what help you needed.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  3. Thanks Ms. Sue! That definitely gave me a better approach on how to do this essay. I appreciate it and again, THANK YOU!

    posted by Margarita
  4. You're very welcome, Margarita.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  5. Is your name for real, or a joke???

    posted by mr.dandy
  6. mr. dandy, Margarita can totally be a real name, like I know a lady with it. I wouldn't doubt it's her real name.

    posted by AJ

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