two forces of magnitude 8N making an angle of 30 and 120 with xaxis . the y component of resultant A/ O B/ 4N C/ 8N D/ 16N

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asked by AYESHA
  1. 8 sin 30 + 8 sin (180-120)
    4 + 8 (.866) = 4+6.93 = 11 N
    In other words none of the above

    I bet you mean 30 and 150 with x axis in which case C

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    posted by Damon
  2. there is no option of 11N . i have tried to sole it dozen of times but i am unable to figure out the right option which is 8N. Can anyone tell me how i can solve it in right manner to get correct option

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    posted by AYESHA

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