Life sciences, Business studies,Maths lit and CAT

With Life sciences, Business studies,Maths lit and CAT, what can I study after matric? Which career field should I follow?

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asked by Emily
  1. Don't ask us! You are the only one who knows what you like and where your talents lie.

  2. I like being a lawyer

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  3. I think you are safe you can still do law because for a law degree you only need a good english mark I do the same subjects you do and a I am also considering doing law or psychology

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  4. you can be a lawyer

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  5. Can i be a radiographer?

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  6. agricultural management

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  7. You can be a Lawyer,teacher and you Can become a social worker its your choice

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  8. I want pure maths but all i got is 36℅

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  9. I think you could possibly be in the business field or be in the teaching field

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  10. Can still become a Electrician or

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