Economic experts use certain measures, such as GNP and GDP to divide the world into two groups—developed nations and developing nations. Which is not a characteristic of a developing nation?

low income
attempting to improve the lives of its citizens
high literacy rate <----
inconsistent economic development

Is that correct?

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asked by J
  1. Right.

  2. Thank you, could you tell me if this one is also correct?

    Which does not describe India?

    includes 800 million people living—many in slums—on $2 a day <-----------

    has an aging workforce with most workers over the age of 50

    provides information technology and software services around the world

    projected to become the world’s third major economic power within a decade

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    posted by J
  3. It is not correct.

  4. Okay, I would think its B. Alot of the elders work to help support their younger family members

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    posted by J
  5. The question asks what does NOT describe India.

  6. Oh my -- I didn't even notice that. Here I am looking at what does!! Thank you for pointing that out Ms. Sue :) !!

    So the answer is ... C?

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    posted by J
  7. I found a wiki link that says D would be incorrect, can't link it though

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    posted by J
  8. You've guessed all four answers. Go back and check your book to see which is correct.

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