Top ten scores on a quiz in two classes are listed below

Class A 100,100,100,90,95,85,92,98,92,88

class B 100,100,98,95,95,96,95,92,81,88
which statement is true concerning the data

a. the mode is the same for both classes
b. the range is the same for both classes
c. the mean is the same for both classes
d. the median is the same for both classes

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asked by Austin
  1. The mode for the first one is 100
    The mode for the second one is 95

    first one ranges from 85 to 100
    second one ranges from 81 to 100

    mean of first is 94
    mean of second is 94 remarkable !

    median of first is 90
    median of second is 95

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    posted by Damon
  2. so the answer is c

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