Used the following equation to answer the question below : 5C(s)+2SO2(g)=CS2(I)+4CO(q)
A-) how many moles of carbon needed to produce 13g of CS2.
B-) how many grams of SO2 are necessary to react with 3.45g of carbon.
C-) how many liters of CO (at STP) re produced from 2.45 mole of SO2?

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asked by PawToo
  1. how many moles in 13g of CS2?
    The equation tells you that it takes 5 times that many moles of C.

    same for SO2. Figure the moles of C, then take 2/5 that many of SO2. Then go back to grams.

    Again, figure the moles, and recall that one mole of a gas occupies 22.4L at STP.

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    posted by Steve

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