physics- answers check

1. For a bar magnet, the magnetic field lines point
a. towards the South pole.
b. towards the North pole.
c. always towards the magnet.
d. always away from the magnet.

my answer: a

2. Magnetic field lines
a. are straight lines.
b. are always circles.
c. form continuous loops.
d. None of these choices is correct.

my answer: c

3. Magnetic fields are strongest
a. near the poles of a permanent magnet.
b. near concentrations of positive charges.
c. near copper bars that have received a static negative charge.
d. near the equator.

my answer:a

4. The Earth's geographic North pole
a. is where the North end of a magnet is attracted.
b. is where the South end of a magnet is attracted.
c. is where the North end of a magnet is repelled.
d. All of these choices are correct.

my answer: b

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