Calculus Riemann sum definition etc

I am totally stumped... PLEASE if anyone can help we are going

Use the Rieman sum definition of the definite integral to show that
3¡ò(there is a little "b" at top and little "a" at bottom
3¡ò x©÷dx = b©ø-a©ø
Here,for simplicity we assume b>a>0. Specify your mesh/grid Xi, ¥Äx, and your choice of sample points x*/i
my note: i did not know how to put the asterick over the i so i showed it as */i above

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asked by Ellen B
  1. I'm stumped by the cryptic symbols. Try the notation

    x_i or xi for x sub i

    Whatever the function, the Riemann sum is evaluated by approximating the actual area with a set of rectangles, whose upper corners are points on the curve.

    Review your text, and maybe take a look here:

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    posted by Steve

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