Why is water essential to living things?
A. Water is essential because it is an inorganic compound.
B. Water is essential because it contains hydrogen and oxygen atoms.
C. Water is essential to many of the chemical reactions that occur in the body.
D. Water is essential because, without it, people would have no fish to eat, and they could not get the protein that they need

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  1. Let's just eliminate some answers.
    You know A can't be right because there are a number of "essential" inorganic compounds.
    You know B can't be right--why do we need H2 and O2?
    What about C?
    D is ludicrous. I know people who live to be 100 and never at fish in their life. So what's wrong with C? You know it can't be A, B, D.

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  2. C because of what DrBob222 said

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