History Mid=Term

One of us asked this question yesterday, and we are still not sure whether we were given the correct answer.

All of the following influenced the Framers in developing the Constitution EXCEPT

a. State constitutions.
b. John Locke's "Two Treatises of Government."
c. Virginia's royal charter.
d. British tradition.

We were told by two different tutors that it was c. - state constitutions, but we found out directly in our book that State constitutions were a significant influence. We now think that it could be Virginia's royal charter. Can anyone help? We know it's not b.

Virginia's Royal Charter played no part in the framing of the US Constitution. However, the Virginia Assembly, in it first meeting (about 9 years before the US Constitution) adoped a Bill of Rights, drafted by George Mason, and this document is almost verbatum now in the US Constitution.

Thanks Bob Pursley. We have one last question for you.

The nominating stage is important in the electoral process mostly because

a. only Republicans and Democrats can can take part in nominations.
b. nominations set real limits to the choices voters can make in general elections.
c. major party candidates exert more effort to win nominations than elections.
d. in a democracy the general election is little more than a family.

We all think it's b. Are we right?

Absolutely b. If a person fails to get a nomination as a Presidental candidate, their chance of being a candidate is less than extremely small. The value of the nomination process is that it tends to filter out extremist candidates (left or right) and limits voters to centrist candidates (usually, but not always).

We thank you for your expertise!

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  1. all of the following influenced the framers in developing the constitution except...
    a. state constitutions
    b. virginia's royal charter
    c. john lockes 2 treaties
    d. british tradition

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    posted by Jazzmen

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