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I started writing my essay regarding The Undomestic Goddess. Sometimes its easier to run from your problems than face them they will eventually catch up to you. Samantha Sweeting was a smart articulate lawyer who was hoping to become a partner in her law firm. When she makes a huge mistake which loses her client over 50 million pounds she panicks and catches the train to a small village. She finds herself on the doorstep on someone looking for a housekeeper. I've talked more about this. My teacher said I should use more examples in the book rather than outside of the book. What would be a good opening statement to start this eassay. I'm panicked now have had 3 presentations and going i to exames teacher wants me to redo help

One can run from big problems, but can seldom hide for long. Samantha Sweeting tried just that, ....

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asked by Taunya

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