what' the number of X

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    1.-3f^2+4f-3+8f^2+7f+1 a.5f^2-11f+2 b.11f^2+11f+2*** c.5f^2+11f-2 d.-5f+3f-2 2.3x^2+5X-5X^2-4X-2 a.-8x^2-9x+3 b.2x^2+x+3 c.-2x^2-9x+3 d.-2x^2+x+3*** 3.(8x-2y)+(3x-4y) a.11x+8y*** b.4x-y c.11x-6y d.5x+2y 4.(y+3d)-(-9y+7d) a.-10y+4d

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