amy finished watching tv at 4:05, if she have been wqtching it for 2:15, what time was it when she started

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  1. 2:10???

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  2. 4:05 is equivalent to 3:65
    3:65 - 2:15 = 1:50

    think of it as a subtraction problem, where each column is 60's instead of 10's (because of 60 minutes in an hour)

    4 05
    -2 15

    you can't subtract 15 from 5, so you borrow a 60 from the hour column:

    3 65
    - 2 15
    1 50

    2 hours from 2:15 is 4:15
    but, 4:05 is ten minutes earlier than 4:15, so she watched for only 1:50

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